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Softwash Dramatic Results

What Are Those Black Stains On The Roof?

Those black stains are Algae. Algae appear as dark stains on shingles that usually cover more area on the lower section of the roof and taper as they reach the ridge.

How Does A Roof Get Algae?

Algae spread from one infected roof to another via airborne spores. These spores land randomly on a roof and take root. A protective sheath creates the dark color the algae forms to protect itself from UV rays.

How Does It Grow?

Algae require moisture and proper temperatures to grow. Dew is the primary moisture source. Algae are found predominantly in the Southeast, but it can and will grow nationwide. The algae generally grow on the northern exposures of the roof since this exposure generally receives less sunlight. Algae are well adapted to extreme conditions.

What Solutions Do I Have?

  1. Install Algae Resistant Shingles, such as GAF shingles which have a specially formulated granule that inhibits algae growth, keeping your roof looking new for years to come.
  2. Hire a professional like Softwashing Pros - we use a proprietary solution that follows the manufacturers instructions for cleaning your roof.

What NOT To Do!

Do not power wash the shingles to clean the shingles. Some roof cleaning companies offer this service. However, it is not recommended as it may dislodge granules, which can lead to premature shingle failure.

What GAF Shingles Can I Use?

GAF Designer Lifetime Shingles have StainGuard® Protection nationwide. Additionally, Timberline® Natural Shadow™, Timberline® HD™ and Timberline® Ultra HD™ have StainGuard® protection in most areas. Finally, Royal Sovereign® is also available with StainGuard® protection in select areas. All colors have Stain Guard® Protection.

If you need GAF Softwashing in the Gulf Coast area, please call 251-279-0114 or complete our online request form.

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