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3 Reasons To Get Your Mobile Roof Professionally Softwashed This Summer

Your roof is easily one of the most important surfaces on your Mobile home, and as such, you want to be sure that you are doing everything in your power to keep your roof in the best shape possible this summer and as we move into the later months of the year. Your roof is essential when it comes to protecting the rest of your home from the elements, and with the turbulent weather we get from time to time as we move into the later half of summer, making sure that your roof has what it needs to do its job is absolutely essential. While it might not seem like a roof softwashing would do much in this regard, you might be surprised to find out just how effective it can be at helping to keep your roof in great shape. To highlight exactly what a few of the reasons for this are, our team of skilled Mobile softwashing professionals have taken the time to put together this short list that we hope you will read through and enjoy. In it, we will go over a just a few of the many reasons that investing in a professional softwashing for your Mobile home's roof this summer might just be one of the best investments you make all year.

Energy Savings

While it might not seem like your roof has much to do with the overall energy efficiency of your home, you might be surprised to find out the opposite. When your roof is clean, it is better able to reflect a great deal of the heat from the sun back up into the air, and keep it from absorbing down into your attic where it can spread to the other areas of your home, making it more difficult for your AC to keep your home at the temperature you like. When your roof is covered with mold, mildew, or algae growth, it will actually absorb more heat throughout the day, leading to more heat build up throughout your home, increasing the strain on your air conditioning system and causing your energy bills to go higher.

Preserve Your Roof's Integrity

This summer has certainly seen its fair share of rain, and with more likely on the horizon, the moisture, combined with the heat and humidity that are common to the area can easily lead to the growth of mold, mildew, and algae on the surface of your roof, especially in areas that don't get a lot of direct sunlight. In addition to making your roof look dull and dingy, these harmful contaminants can also cause damage to your roofing materials as they grow and start to break down the surfaces they are growing on. By having your roof professionally softwashed this summer, you can get rid of these growths completely and preserve the structural integrity of your roof for a long time to come.

Increase Your Home's Curb Appeal

In addition to the energy saving and structural concerns, a roof that is covered in mold, mildew, or algae growth tends to look awful, which can really age your home and take away from your home's curb appeal. No matter how nice the rest of your home might look, a dirty roof can make your home look dull, dingy, and just poorly taken care of, which isn't something that any homeowner wants others to think about their home. This can be especially problematic if you are looking at listing your home anytime this summer. By getting your roof professionally softwashed this summer, you can keep it looking its best and keep your home's curb appeal high.

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